I really hope you people enjoy my blog. So, let me boast a little about myself. I am a simple girl from the country of diversity, India and currently doing my schooling. Having a blog has always been a dream or I must say an important wish in my bucket list and when I got this opportunity I mustered up the courage and quickly grabbed it. For me, writing is my healer, my companion and my passion. It gives me immense pleasure to write and I am addicted to it. I am basically a philosphical (PS: which has always been a great trouble for my friends) and I will always post something which is related to life and philosophy. I love writing thought-provoking articles and beautiful poetry so, this blog will consist of the following. I am a dreamer and I weave my imaginations with the help of writing, that is one of the reasons why writing soothes my pain……

So, I feel that’s the end to start a new begginning and I have made a start with a poetry which is dedicated to my memories…..”Trip Down My Memory Lane”