CHEATED…We all, in some point of our life has faced this atrocious feeling. Yes, it is a feeling according to me, a feeling to feel cheated, to feel foolish on your stupidity, a stupid act of yours to trust someone which led to a drama of betrayal. Isn’t this the first thought that struck your mind when you are cheated by your loved ones…

Now, I do not mean to tell you how it feels to be cheated, cheated by the people whom you trusted the most because you might know it better than me… But, what I want to tell you is the consequences after being cheated…

Do you think when a person has been betrayed once we will purposely fall for another trap again? No, which human in the world would loved to be betrayed again, to be torn completely, to be shattered into trillions of pieces, to be hurt once again. Indeed, nobody would like it would he? Because it’s a human psychology that a man doesn’t want to repeat their mistakes purposely and this saying leaves the perfect trail of evidence“ IF YOU ARE BETRAYED ONCE IT’S THEIR FALL FAULT, BUT IF YOU ARE TWICE IT’S YOUR FAULT”

So, now how will he trust someone once again… Trust someone like he used to do before the betrayal… In fact sometimes you are hit so hard by the betrayal you forget the word TRUST even existed in your dictionary isn’t it?

You become conscious or to be precise alert from all those people around you. You consider this world of witches and wizards roaming and wandering on the world, this world becomes full of darkness or I should say we see this world as a cruel world, a world where people are selfish, self-centred and covetous… yes we see this world with a different perspective now not like earlier we used to do when you were extremely happy in your so called good times with that cheater. Earlier this world seemed like a best place to live in. In fact you were thankful to god for giving you this brilliant opportunity of becoming a human…In those times, this world seemed full of fairy tales or I must say at that point you believed in mirabilis….

But not now, you changed your PERSPECTIVE towards the world. This is what happens after being cheated. Transformation of your perspective. What we see is always not the truth…. It’s just our understanding and perspective which compelled us to see what we want to see…

We just compare all people with the same thinking but all are not same. If this world revolves around cruelty it has more good people who try to remove this cruelty. But alas! How would you learn to trust again. YOU ARE NOT AFRAID TO TRUST PEOPLE INSTEAD YOU ARE AFRAID OF BETRAYAL AND REJECTION.

So according to me, to be cheated isn’t that bad than not to trust someone again. You need to change your perspective towards life and only then you might overcome this betrayal… How much brutally you have been hurt but remember just one thing if you fall down, then get up with a new zeal of confidence and courage. Don’t measure every person in the same container or else you could never come out of your inner turmoil. Change your perspective and see how beautiful this life becomes….




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  1. Gagan khaira says:

    you’ve the ability to inspire people. keep doing that. loved this one!!

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  2. vidhikhadaria says:

    How much pain was that?

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  3. chahnaahuja says:

    Thank You Gagan for your lovely comment…


  4. chahnaahuja says:

    Vidhi I am glad you like it…


  5. jhanvi ahuja says:

    dear baby…loved ….u…when u hv started writing so thoughtful..proud of u my sweet little princes…

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  6. That quote at the end gives your post an entirely awesome dimension☺👍

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  7. ʞɐ says:

    I can in no way comprehend the feeling of being badly cheated. Yes, the perception of a person changes, the way they look at things, at people, at everything changes. Curiosity turns to dilemma and we question everything. “May be we shouldn’t trust this or that!”

    I hope everything is fine on your end.
    Take Care. 🙂

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